Are you someone who wakes up in the morning with the burning question…is this as good as its going to get?

Are you a someone who feels as if you are on the edge of your greatness but you are not quite clear on how to get to your next level?

Are you a someone who longs to share her innate gifts and talents with the world and live a life full of meaning, purpose, and contribution, but feels lost as to how to do that?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions…you are not alone!  There are many people who feel the same.  They have reached a level of contentment with their lives but still have not broken through their glass ceiling of living their fully expressed potential.

They have good enough lives, some have raised children, some have traveled, some have done work that is generally satisfying…but they know there is something much bigger for them out there….

If YOU are that person, my guess is that you can see ahead that something exciting and delicious is in the air, but you are not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be!

When we are younger we have big, bold dreams. What happens in life is we fall into the hamster wheel of raising kids, paying bills, and simply surviving. Life moves fast and we wake up one day and finally say, NO!  This is not what I signed up for. This is not what I had imagined for myself. I refuse to accept that this is as good as it gets.

The wild, wondrous, person inside you begins to wake up and demand more. The calling starts out as a whisper…I am not living my purpose…it gets louder…I am not getting to my next level….and louder…I am not living in balance and ease!

Now you can no longer be silenced; this wild, wondrous, woman has woken up.  You know you have something to offer that is big and bold, you know you are ready to wake up every morning feeling on fire and unstoppable.

And now….

You will not go back to sleep.

You will not be silenced.

You will not stop until you reach you destiny.

You can hear her clamoring about early in the morning and restlessly stirring when you lie down at night.

You are relentless. You are powerful. You are ready to be unleashed!

It may be confusing if you have done tons of personal development; meditated, journaled, worked on your self-limiting beliefs, and tried to cultivate self-love…and still you are not where you want to be.

The key is clarity.

To have what you want…you need to know what you want and why you are consciously or unconsciously blocked.

Our inner self-saboteur loves to say it’s because of time, money, or lack of support. These are the reasons we tell ourselves why we are not where we want to be.

That simply is not true; those are just beliefs that we have bought into to keep us from unleashing the deep well of clarity, creativity, and confidence that can take us there…no matter what our circumstances are.

We create our own box to be kept in which limits our full expression because deep down… we are afraid.

We are afraid to fail because we don’t want to look stupid. We are afraid to succeed because we think success comes with a high cost. We are afraid of change because we fear our flying high will upset our loved ones. We are afraid of our own power because we don’t know if others will feel comfortable around us if we are operating at our highest and best.

So, we stay small, we keep complacent, we strive only for mediocrity to not upset the apple cart.

BUT….What if that all the above wasn’t true?

What if you getting clear on your vision and mission actually brought you unimaginable success?

What if, with this new-found abundance and success, you were able to assemble a team to support you so you could have the freedom to travel, enjoy amazing life experiences, and generously give back to your family and community?

What if?

I am a person who was just like you. Standing on the edge of my greatness, completely paralyzed and afraid to take the leap.

Then one day I did.

I let the wild wondrous person inside me win.

But I did not do it alone…I was smart enough to find a tribe and a guide.

Then… when I got to the other side…I build a bridge for other people to walk over to take that same path to freedom.

Over the last decade I have taken thousands of people though the same transformational journey I took.

They have since found their soulmates, built entrepreneurial businesses, written books, started blogs, traveled the world, started non-profits, had children after 40, created movements, and broken out of the box they had unknowingly built around themselves.

Here is what some of them have to say…

“After taking the CIJ Clarity Catalyst with Jennifer Grace my clarity and creativity popped. Her courses gave me the confidence to start my own mindful beverage company, run goddess circles, and I just finished my first children’s book! Jen’s tools lit the way for me to create a life that I am excited and inspired by!” – Jodi Darren

“This course showed me my “blind spots” so I could clearly see as to where I was sabotaging myself in calling in new love. During the course I had made a vision board and within six months of graduating the CIJ Clarity Course I met my now husband.  We met in Hawaii on a kayaking trip…on my vision board is a photo of Hawaii and a Kayak!  You cannot make this stuff up!” – Rikki Altman-Yee

“Working with Jennifer Grace and taking the CIJ Clarity Catalyst I got to learn about myself, the things that held me back and the old thought patters that didn’t serve me anymore. By the end of the eight-week course I had completed all of the things I needed to get my business up and running and to my delight I currently have three clients. I have never felt better and with so much direction in my life. I am forever grateful to Jennifer and to the CIJ class and I can’t wait for future courses.”  – Liliana Ruiz

The Clarity Catalyst was the program that catapulted my life, and theirs…and now it is available for you.

If you are a wise person who is ready to….


  • Get into your “flow” by doing what you love and getting paid to do it or take your current already fulfilling job to the next level
  • Get crystal clear on your vision and mission so that you can help others and leave an impactful footprint on this great earth
  • Ignite more passion and love into your life so that you can feel excited and sexy because you are loved, cherished, and honored
  • Belong to a group of like-minded others who also want to take their lives to the next level so that you can feel a sense of tribe and community

Then… The Clarity Catalyst Program is for you!

In this 8 week Online and Live (Yes this is NOT a recorded do-it-yourself thang) program you will unleash your wild, wondrous, person and feed wisdom and your soul by:

  • Awakening to your true calling by getting clear on who you are and want you really want
  • Discover the vast well of creativity that dwells inside of you so you can powerfully share it with the world
  • Rewrite and reprogram your present mindset with new beliefs that will set you free
  • Connect with a tribe that has been attracted by YOUR vibe…a group of women who will hold you high and support you
  • Work through the fear that has been paralyzing you so that you can finally go for it and live out the life that is waiting for you
  • Step into your power, authenticity, and confidence so that you can create abundance by sharing your unique contribution with the world


Get a crystal-clear map and path that will take you there so that you can tap into your FLOW and be effortlessly guided by your own intuition to achieve greatness.


Join the thousands of other people who have shifted from where they were to where they wanted to be!

“JG’s Clarity Catalyst catapulted my life…literally. It gave me so many powerful tools to take my work and my business to the next level.  – Josie Smith Malave from Bravo TV’s Top Chef

Growing up with my dad, Wayne Dyer, I have been exposed to many amazing spiritual leaders and transformation teachers….so I know real and authentic ones when I see them. When I met Jennifer Grace and learned of her extraordinary tools, I knew I had discovered something very different. I have seen first hand how her simple approach has worked for many people, including myself. I have used her catalyst program and am amazed at how effective it is!   Serena J. Dyer, Author

“Jennifer Grace is a not only a powerful coach but she is also a beautiful soul.  She is authentic, intelligent, and walks her talk.  She is one of the best coaches in the country and I recommend her CIJ Clarity Catalyst course to everyone I know!” – Captain Sandy Yawn from Bravo TV’s Below Dec Med


 The Clarity Catalyst is an intimate online live group process for the people who are ready to go deep and get clear by diving inward to discover the vast well of wisdom, creativity, and insight.

You know, having it all (freedom, love, purposeful work, abundance, peace) takes cultivation, deep inquiry, and practice.

You are ready to do it.

If this is you. . .then read on!

In this powerful, life shifting, self-discovery course you will be given the structure to get to the core of who you are and what you want. Your clarity, self- confidence, sense of direction, and purpose will increase exponentially.

During this 8-week journey into self, you will be provided with the map, the tools, the tribe and the guide to get you unstuck, empowered, and poised to be living your most lit up authentic life.

Weather the program catapults you to write that book that has been swirling around in your mind for years, leave that job that you loathe, and step into your new vision and mission with financial stability, or cultivate the confidence and self-love to attract in your soul partner….you will be clear and ready to step into it all.

The process is delicious blend of sacred sharing in a safe space, experiential mindfulness and emotional intelligence exercises to refine and define who you are, weekly calls to action to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world, plus meaningful conversations with your peer coaching connection partner mid-week to land the learning and solidify the group.

The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity and self-expression. It was touted the most life-transforming course ever to be taught at Stanford.


It is now available for you.

“I got crystal clear by taking the CIJ Clarity Catalyst on my life’s true purpose, my confidence increased, and I am now launching my own coaching business and creating the piolet for my new TV show!” – Nia Perez

“Taking Jennifer Grace’s CIJ Clarity Course was like treating myself to a First-Class seat on my inner journey. Fueled by Jen’s unstoppable enthusiasm and proven methods for developing self-awareness accelerated the progress for everyone in our diverse group.  I loved Jen’s ability to inspire, motivate, entertain and foster emotional connection among students while keeping everyone focused on doing the hard work of personal growth.”  – Laya Seghi

How It Works

Each Thursday ONLINE September 24th – November 12th  8-9:30pm EST you’ll receive live group coaching with Jennifer Grace and receive practical mindfulness tools and powerful emotional intelligence techniques to catapult your life to the next level.

Because we break up the online groups into small tribes there is a high level of interaction, accountability, and participation for each student.




We are all creative, even if you do not identify with being “creative” you are!

In this module you will….

  • Unearth what fields of fascination and creative passions get you into the FLOW so you can start getting clear about your calling
  • Implement The Clarity Catalyst Daily Practice Routine so that you can start receiving “daily downloads of intuitive wisdom” to help get clear about what your next best steps are
  • Experience how to move though life like an objective observer who does not take anything personally so you are freed up to be more creative

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Guest Master Teacher Captain Sandra Yawn from Bravo TV’s Below Deck, who will reveal the real secret to Authentic Leadership!


We were all born knowing that we are perfect, whole, and complete. Then something happened…something called life.

In this module you will….

  • Do a deep dive into your subconscious mind to see what limiting beliefs still lurk there so that you can rewire and reprogram them to get unstuck.
  • Meet your suffering mind persona so that you can slay it once and for all.=
  • Learn how to stop judging yourself and beating yourself up so that you can thrive and soar.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Guest Master Teacher Jo Englesson owner and founder of Gratitude Training on judgment and forgiveness.


Most of us spend our time worrying about the future and regretting the past instead of being in the present moment where peace lives.

In this module you will….

  • Discover ways to add mindfulness activities to your everyday living so that you are more connected to yourself and your life.
  • Learn tools to create deeper relationships and less conflict by learning how to communicate consciously.
  • Master your mind to stay in the present moment so that you can manage fear and anxiety and stop obsessive thinking, which will clear the way to think more creatively.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-week recorded Master class with NY Times Best Selling Author Michael A. Singer from his Sounds True Course “Living From a Place of Surrender



YOU. ALWAYS. KNOW. Science has shown that our intuition is mistake free.

In this module you will….

  • Discover practical tools to help you at any crossroad to make the right choice, shunning self-doubt or fear, so you can feel confident about your life direction.
  • Learn The Clarity Catalyst Question Inquiry which will unlock the answers you already have within as to what the best next steps are for you on your journey to greatness.
  • Unearth the well of wisdom that lies within by using the Yes or No method, which will help you make hard decisions in a flip of a coin.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Master Teacher Hay House Author and Radio Show Host Colette Baron-Reid, The Oracle Expert, who will reveal the 3 keys to unlocking intuition.


Every single one of us has been put on this great earth for a reason.  We all have gifts to share.

In this module you will….

  • Take different personality assessments to get clear on your life purpose.
  • Create your life purpose mission statement so you can begin to take action on it.
  • Learn what your most valued qualities are so they can be used as a compass to guide you to purposeful work that will have meaning and fulfillment.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Baeth Davis who has helped thousands of people uncover their life purpose with her on “Scientific Hand Analysis.” technique.


This is not your typical time/stress management approach!

In this module you will….

  • Learn a quantum time management system to effortlessly get the things that are stressing you out off your plate of life so you have more room for creativity and joy.
  • Discover how to overcome procrastination so that you can launch your dreams and visions without self-sabotaging them time and again.
  • Get a HUGE task you have been procrastinating about resolved so you will feel a big wave of relief.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Reiki Healer/ Entrepreneur Millana Snow on how to create more time with less stress in your life.

WEEK 7 Mastering Self Love and Your Relationship with Others

Relationships cause us the greatest joys and the biggest challenges.

In this module you will….

  • Discover the Art of Self Love and how to cultivate a juicy relationship with YOU which will help you thrive in relationships with others.
  • Awaken to the gifts and life lessons the challenging people in your life have brought you in order to grow.
  • Learn how to let go of past hurts in relationships so you can move on and soar.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Arielle Ford on Manifesting New Love. Arielle is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction, as well as the award-winning Wabi Sabi Love and the recent Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.


Money is only energy.

In this module you will….

  • Get clear on your money personality and understand your relationship to money so you can effortlessly shift it.
  • Develop an abundance mindset that magnetically attracts wealth to you.
  • Discover the hidden subconscious beliefs you hold about money and reprogram them.

Along with this powerful module you will also get a bonus Mid-Week Master class between Jennifer Grace and Barbara Huson The leading authority on Women and wealth who has appeared on Good Morning America, The View, CNN, The New York Times, to name just a few!






Eight 90-Minute LIVE online Class Sessions with Jennifer Grace

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored and learn with renowned Master Clarity Catalyst Teacher Jennifer Grace in the comfort of your own home. Each class session helps you create the specific skills and abilities to uncover the deeper gifts of who you are and how to make your contribution real in the world.

Eight Recordings of Your Class Sessions

In addition to the live Class, you’ll also receive the entire class audio recording after each session is completed. This way you can review and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ve learned.

Master Classes with Jennifer Grace and Powerful Thought Leaders

Jennifer has interviewed the most powerful female coaches authors, and healers who are at the top of their fields.  These experts will enhance each module by giving you even more tools to get you unstuck and clear.

A Focus on The Work of Michael A. Singer

An opportunity to dive deep into the work of his two New York Times bestsellers, The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment. Plus, access to Session One from his Sounds True Course “Living From a Place of Surrender – The Untethered Soul in Action”

Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

After each lesson, you will then have the option to do related exercises, practice new tools and answer questions in order to accelerate what you’re learning and integrate each lesson.

Bonus Number 1

Private, Members Only Facebook Group

Your daily dip into this Facebook group will soon be some of the most inspiring and motivational moments of your day as you:

  • Tap into a thriving community for new ideas, insights, and inspirations.
  • Ask Jennifer Grace questions about any big (or little) challenges standing in your way.
  • Feel supported and connected to like-minded people who are also on the path to discovering who they are and stepping powerfully into their lives.

Bonus Number 2

Three – One- on -One Life Strategy Call with Jennifer Grace to deepen the learning and land the lessons so you can integrate them to live a life filled with more freedom and joy!

Bonus Number 3

2 Downloadable Guided Meditations by Jennifer Grace

The Affirmation Lounge 1

This compilation reprograms limiting belief systems by working on the mind- body connection both consciously and subconsciously.

Beautiful words of empowerment, set to DJ Taz’s sexy sultry beats, will have you manifesting more abundance, heightening your self love, and creating more inner peace and happiness in your life.

A Shot of Truth: Spoken Word for Transformation

This spoken word compilation will motivate and inspire you to live more in the moment, find your purpose, overcome fear, and reach your highest potential.

Bonus Number 4

Money and Miracles 4 week recorded course
Only Available for Early Registration by May 1st!

In this 4 week online course, you will be engaged in a 30-day experiment by focusing all of your power and energy into shifting your limited beliefs so you can manifest more money!

The question is…


Do you want it or not?

JOIN The Clarity Catalyst TODAY

When you enroll during this special limited launch period, you’ll get:

  • The Clarity Catalyst 8-week Course based on the Stanford University Master’s Degree Class ($1497 Value)
  • 8 Bonus Classes with Master Teachers Mid-Week ($1000 Value)
  • Bonus 1: Private, members only Facebook group with access to Jennifer ($300 Value)
  • Bonus 2: 3 Private, 1 hour Life Strategy Call Coaching Call ($1500 Value)
  • Bonus 3: Downloadable MP3s of Jen’s bestselling Guided Meditations ($20 Value)
  • Bonus 4: Four Week course, “Money and Miracles” ($297 Value) **Money& Miracles Bonus only available for Early Registration by Oct 1st!


When you add it all up that’s a total value of over $4,700.00!
And you get it ALL for just $1200 for our SPRING SPECIAL!

And that’s not even counting the unannounced surprises and
value bombs I’ll be dropping on you once we get started!

Most Flexible

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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

My Promise: I am so devoted to your transformation, and so committed to delivering an unforgettable journey, that I feel confident in offering you this Fulfillment Promise. If you dive in and participate fully, do all of the soul work, show up live on each call, and you’re not still not overjoyed with this course for any reason, you will get 100% of your money back. No hard feelings.

“Jennifer has an ease about her that I find so soothing, she was able to help me cultivate a new found inner peace while working in a very stressful business.  I also had been looking for love and mid way through taking The Clarity Catalyst I met the love of my life, we are now engaged to be married!”- Krista Brunson Executive Producer, The Today Show

“Jennifer Grace provides an amazing, transformative process to help you get to know yourself and discover where your true fulfillment lies. She is warm, inviting, relatable and really lives what she teaches, making for a truly valuable experience. Working with Jen is a must if you have a desire to find or refine your path in life.”  Jessica Gauri Avila

“Having Jen as my coach is AWESOME! Each week learning a different tool for my “lifetime tool kit” has been so much fun and such a blessing! I’m seeing life and its challenges in such a new way that I’m excited, motivated and just prancing through each moment. Jen is an inspiring teacher who guides with light and love.”–Nava Sabaj

If you can relate
to any of the above…

Get Started RIGHT NOW by choosing the plan that works best for you!

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I can’t wait to take you step by step through this powerful process…

It will be a journey you will NEVER forget!


The Queen of Clarity, Catalyst Coach Jennifer Grace, was voted Miami’s number #1 Life Coach by New Times in both 2016 and 2017. She is a Motivational speaker, Radio Show host, and Hay House author whose book, Directing Your Destiny was published in 2013. Her next book, Drop the Rope, will be released in Fall 2019.

Based on the famed Stanford University Master’s Degree Course “Creativity in Business” the program, CIJ Clarity Catalyst, helps students get crystal clear in who they are and what they want. It empowers them with practical mindfulness tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover the next powerful chapter in their lives.

Jennifer is also a “coaches coach.” She is one of the key train the trainers of the curriculum. In last 4 years, she has certified 50 plus coaches on how to powerfully deliver the course and build a profitable group coaching business and brand.

To date, the program has been translated into seven different languages and is being taught in seven different countries, all under Jennifer’s direction. In 2016 Jennifer took on redesigning the program for kids and teens, and as of May 2017, she has certified 30 coaches to deliver the youth coaching curriculum (CIJ: Insight for Life for Kids and Teens).

Jennifer currently leads workshops and courses in Miami at The Standard Spa, where she is the Resident Life Coach, as well as online. Over the last eight years she has traveled to fifteen different exotic destinations, (including Bali, India, and Africa) She and her retreat participants have raised over $100,000 to help communities in need worldwide with her give-back retreats.